Waymark Plugin — Introduction

The Waymark Plugin is an SDK which allows you to display and communicate with the Waymark UI on your page.

The Plugin will load the Waymark UI in an iframe and provides an interface communicate with Waymark to perform various actions such as opening the Waymark AI video generation flow, opening the Waymark Video Editor, fetching or updating user account information, and more.

In order to use the Waymark Plugin, you will need to set up a partner account with Waymark. See our pricing page for details.


If you are looking for an easy-to-integrate non-white-labeled solution, consider checking out the Light Plugin instead.

The Waymark Full Plugin allows you to embed the Waymark UI more deeply into your app and take advantage of white-labeling, but it requires a greater deal of work to integrate.

Waymark also offers a more lightweight plugin integration in the form of a branded button which can be placed anywhere on your site. See Light Plugin for details.