Getting started — FAQ

How do accounts and billing work?

The Waymark application requires a logged-in user.

If you're using the Full Plugin, you're responsible for creating accounts and logging in users when launching the Waymark application.

Light Plugin users will be prompted to create an account or login when the Waymark application is launched. They will not be required to enter credit card information.

Talk to your Waymark representative about contract specifics, but you will be only billed for videos that are created within your Waymark integration. Users will not be able to log into using these accounts, so you don't need to worry about getting billed for anything extra.

Is there any way to limit the number of videos users make?

No, video creation is unlimited.

What happens if a user closes the browser/tab when a video is rendering?

If you're using the Full Plugin and webhooks, you don't need to worry. Your server will still be able to processing incoming data from webhook messages.

If you're using the Light Plugin, we recommend urging your customers to keep the tab open via your UI until the video has finished rendering. If your use case prevents this, you might want to consider the full integration.

How long does it take a Waymark video to render?

It depends on the template length, media assets, and format, but typically between 5 and 8 minutes.

Does Waymark have a REST API?

No, not right now, but please get in touch and let us know your use case!

What browsers are supported?

We suggest using the Waymark Plugin in Google Chrome, but we also support Firefox.